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Hire people with the right skills and motivation to shape a more advanced future

At PeritusHub, we are here to assist whether you’re in search of top talent, your next career breakthrough, or a consulting solution to address your business’s resource management challenges.

The Strength of Your Organization Rests Within Its People

We can assist you in finding top talent that best fits your culture. Offload your recruiting challenges on us.

Drive Results With Dedicated Teams

Building a team that aligns their efforts with your overall vision is integral to ensuring the success of your projects. We at PeritusHub, understand the importance of creating functional teams that will be an extension of your growth ideologies.

Based in Austin, Texas, USA, PeritusHub has worked with leading companies to assist in the hiring of remote or onsite talent by utilizing the tried-and-true methodology, data-informed approach, and special technologies.

Staffing services

Organizations must optimize talent strategies to carry out their business plans as the complexity of workforce needs rises due to technology disruption and talent shortages. Our recruitment specialists can quickly find the contract and permanent employees you require. As results matter and your time is valuable, let us help you build a productive, motivated workforce that will keep your business operating.

At the moment, our pool of Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, AWS Architects, Java/.NET Developers, and Data Engineers are working with various companies for their remote and on-site projects.

Contract Talent

Engage qualified personnel on a contract basis for interim or continual assignments.

Permanent Placement

Add full-time personnel at the entry-level, mid-career, or executive levels.

Offshore Team

Add full-time personnel at the entry-level, mid-career, or executive levels.

Software Development Services

Explore innovative solutions in software development from an experienced team that not only brings your vision to life but also contributes their expertise and provides proactive solutions.

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Benefits of Outsourcing

IT Services

Enjoy the flexibility of working with different teams based on your specific requirements.


Ease of Scaling

Increase or decrease the size of your teams based on specific projects or to meet crucial deadlines.


Cost Reduction

Save up on capital expenses of maintaining long-term resources and training them.


Tap into Expertize

Deploy trained professionals for niche projects without the costs associated with employing them full-time.

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Choose from a wide range of talent to support your specific projects.

Leverage our project expertise in Digital Transformation Projects.

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Find the ideal position for you by expanding your search, whether it involves on-site or remote work.

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We are AWS, Azure, GCP and Data Science experts. We help clients in Cloud migration, DevOps, AI, ML, and Analytics related projects.

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