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Why Outsource QA Services

Diversion of internal resources and attention towards non-core activities, potentially diluting organizational focus.

Reliance on fixed in-house QA teams, limiting the ability to access specialized expertise for specific testing requirements.

Increased risk exposure to internal QA errors or oversights, potentially leading to quality lapses and project delays.

Limited agility and responsiveness to market changes, constrained by internal processes and organizational structures.

Reliance on limited testing environments and scenarios, potentially overlooking critical user feedback and usage patterns.

Restricted collaboration opportunities within internal QA teams, limiting exposure to external benchmarks and industry trends.

Enhanced focus on core business objectives and strategic initiatives, with QA functions handled externally.

Greater flexibility to engage specialized QA services on a project-by-project basis, optimizing resource allocation.

Enhanced risk management through third-party oversight and accountability, ensuring rigorous adherence to quality standards.

Improved agility and adaptability to changing market dynamics, leveraging PeritusHub for rapid response and innovation.

Access to a broader spectrum of testing environments and scenarios, including global user perspectives and diverse device ecosystems.

Enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing within the QA community, leveraging insights and best practices from diverse industry domains.

QA Services that Peritushub provides

01 Functional Testing 

Our comprehensive functional testing services ensure that your software functions flawlessly, identifying any bugs or defects that may impact its performance.

02 Performance Testing

We rigorously test your software's performance under various load and stress conditions to ensure optimal functionality even under high traffic and usage.

03 Security Testing

Our security testing services identify vulnerabilities and potential threats within your software, ensuring that it complies with industry standards and safeguards sensitive data.

04 Compatibility Testing 

We test your software across different platforms, operating systems, and devices to ensure seamless functionality and a wider reach.

05 Automation Testing

Leveraging advanced automation tools, we streamline the testing process and detect defects efficiently, ensuring thorough and accurate testing with minimal manual intervention.

06 Usability Testing

Through user testing, we evaluate the user experience of your software, providing valuable feedback and recommendations to enhance usability and satisfaction.

07 Regression Testing

We conduct comprehensive regression testing to ensure that any updates or changes to your software do not adversely affect its existing functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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