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Discover our range of staffing solutions designed to address your immediate employment requirements. 

PeritusHub offers a range of staffing solutions to cater to your immediate and temporary employment needs, ensuring your projects proceed seamlessly. Whether you require on-site or remote support, our experienced contract employees are ready to step in and deliver the expertise and energy your organization demands.


Service Types

Contract Talent

Instantly appoint experts or temporarily reinforce a department

Dedicated Team

Establish a dedicated development team to collaborate with your internal or external teams.

Multi-team projects requiring centralized control

Managed IT Services

Oversee the management of your IT operations, including help desk and security.

Organizations without in-house IT staff relying on external vendors for system stability

Hire Qualified Personnel
For Your Team immediately

Streamlined Talent Acquisition

Whether you need on-site or remote team members, we reduce the time it takes to find and onboard top talent. As your trusted full-time staffing partner, we’re committed to delivering the best in the industry.

Take Advantage of Our Enterprise
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Streamlining IT Talent Acquisition & Easing the Complex Hiring Process on Your Behalf

Navigating the intricate process of hiring IT talent can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We take the complexity out of the equation, simplifying the journey for you. With our expertise and resources, finding the right IT professionals becomes a smoother, more efficient experience.


Our process always begins with discovery, the 'Getting to know you' phase in a new client relationship. We identify open positions, initiate client onboarding, and gather in-depth insights about the client's needs, challenges, and the reasons for open positions.


In this phase, we translate insights from the discovery phase into an actionable strategy. We attract top talent, plan outreach to professionals with similar backgrounds, and create compelling job listings to target active and passive candidates.


We rigorously screen candidates, evaluating them against the client's criteria, including skills, experience, cultural fit, and qualifications, to advance only the most qualified candidates, optimizing time and resources.


In the final phase, we handle the entire hiring process, pre-closing to drug testing and background checks, including onboarding and ongoing check-ins at 30, 60, and 90 days. If needed, we offer replacement candidates.

Client Benefits

Quick access to skilled professionals.
Flexibility in staffing for various needs.
Efficient talent acquisition.
Provide extended support beyond core IT staffing.
Diverse placement options for both temporary and permanent roles.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

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