Cloud transformation

We help organizations to migrate data, applications and development operations to the cloud environments. Elevate your business by modernizing you applications.

Data science

We help our customers design and implement cutting-edge platforms and tools for data analysis, and we create machine learning and deep learning models for computer vision applications.

Industry expertise

PeritusHub experts are fluent in AWS, Azure and GCP cloud platforms. We transform your infrastructure into a cost-effective, flexible and scalable engine.
Transform your On-Prem to cloud centric or hybrid

Enterprise-grade Talent for Your Digital Transformation

It takes talent and technology to design and implement a successful digital transformation project. While the marketplace makes it easy to source technology products, finding the right talent to make it work for you can be a real challenge. To navigate the complexities of modernizing IT infrastructures, organizations need deep cloud experience to tackle common transformation issues.

PeritusHub is a premium IT staffing firm that provides industry-leading tech talent to small and medium-sized businesses. We employ only senior-level cloud engineers, architects and developers, each with 10-15 years’ of experience helping businesses move to the cloud quickly and within budget.

Our mission is to use top talent to build the most robust cloud-based systems using industry best practices.

Deep Cloud Expertise Where You Need It

Our experienced, certified experts can play a pivotal role for you in these areas:

CI/CD automation
Cloud databases
Migration projects
App modernization
Serverless development
Security Architecture

Data Science

We help our customers design and implement cutting-edge platforms and data management solutions for better business intelligence and more impactful insights. Our data scientists can help you get more from your data, faster, using modern AI, machine learning, and deep learning tools to intelligently automate processes. PeritusHub can help you improve or implement.

Data engineering
Data Discovery
Data Analytics
Machine learning
Artificial Intelligence
Predictive analytics
Statistical modeling
Attribution modeling