Hire skilled professionals on a temporary basis

Engage qualified personnel on a contractual basis for interim or continual assignments.


Contract talent presents the opportunity to instantly appoint someone with specialized expertise or to temporarily reinforce a department.

We have you covered when workloads increase, unforeseen projects arise, or personnel are absent. Remotely or on-site, our contract employees can start to work instantly. To assist with meeting your particular needs, we have a staff of experienced personnel at the ready, in addition to a variety of temporary employment choices.

Contract talent provides the opportunity to instantly appoint someone with specialized expertise or to temporarily increase a department. A company will always benefit from experienced contract personnel because they are only there for a short time and may contribute their expertise without additional training. They also bring a new level of passion and energy to the organization.

Team augmentation:

Employees are brought in temporarily to work with your project manager’s development team. Your project can proceed 1.5–2 times more quickly when it is fully staffed with the necessary expertise.

Best forCompanies with well-established development teams that are struggling with a tight project deadline or a skill shortage

Dedicated team:

Sets up a development team to work with your internal development team or external vendors on certain project tasks. We assign skilled project managers to supervise our portion of the project and manage project activity using a range of communication channels.(like Jira, Confluence and Microsoft Teams).

Best for: Multi-team projects where you need to control overall project progress.

Managed IT services:

Oversees the management of your company’s IT operations (help desk, security), which includes ensuring the reliability of your IT infrastructure.

Best for: Organizations that lack an own IT staff and require a vendor to ensure the stability of their IT system.