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25 Years of experience in IT Solution & Business

PeritusHub was founded by professionals with more than 25 years’ experience in software development and cloud implementation projects. We are architects, developers, implementers, integrators and IT strategists. Day in and day out, we have lived and solved the problems you are facing at your company. So, we pick the greatest talent as if they are going to work on our own projects.

Our vigorous vetting process ensures that each PeritusHub professional is capable of solving complex problems in the field while working seamlessly with your IT department to meet your business objectives.

Our Services

We Run IT Services Within Our Strengths

Backed By 25+ Years of Experience

Solution Architect

Cloud Solution Architects lead the strategy formulation and architectural design of your cloud initiatives and migration projects. They bridge the gaps between complex business problems and solutions in the cloud.

Security Architect

Cloud Security Architects work with your Enterprise Security team to guide design and implementation of the Azure and AWS security architectures for protecting data deployed into different cloud environments.

Infra Engineers

Cloud Engineers build your Infra as Code (IaC) pipelines to create resources for any applications architecture. They maintain the system, patched and keep them comply with your security standards and requirements.

DevOps Engineers

Cloud engineers who seamlessly deploy solutions in the cloud and automate the process of pushing code through development, test and production environments with CI/CD pipelines. They bring agility to your team.

Data Scientist

Our Data Scientist can help create more meaning for your complex data so you can interpret the data from a business sense and arrive at an informed conclusion.

Data Architect

A pivotal role for designing, creating, deploying and managing your organization's data architecture and infrastructre requirements. They are skilled in logical data modeling, physical data modeling, data policies development, data strategy, data warehousing, data querying languages.

AI / ML Engineers

Engineers who work with your Data Scientist to convert an actionable outcome of a data to a decision making bahavior for your products or services.

Big Data Engineers

Our Big Data engineers can help create and manage your company's Big Data infrastructure and tools like Spark, Kafka, Hadoop Cluster and Cassandra.