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Combine Data, Computational Science and Technology with Consumer-oriented Business Knowledge

PeritusHub can play a leading role in projects that require large volumes and variety of data to be processed, our data scientist creates solutions that result in enhanced overall business performance.

Whether Data Science is for your Product or Operational excellence, our data scientist can be very instrumental in producing high-value insights for decision makers within your business.

Where we can help

Build Applications for Your Industry

Regardless of the industry you’re in, if your company is growing, it’s almost guaranteed that someone will ask you what you’re planning to do with data science.

Build real-time complete system monitoring “anomaly detection.” Apply Machine learning on real-time data streams to reveal problems before they happen, optimize the lifetime of components, and reduce the need for human interventions. It makes better decisions than humans, which helps manufacturers gain tremendous advancements in their productivity.
Process credit applications in record speed. Machine learning allow for creating algorithms early fraud detection. Chatbots help banks serve customers more efficiently. Powered by natural language processing, bots can listen in on agents’ calls, provide accurate answers quickly, and suggest best practice answers to improve sales effectiveness.
Transform the traditional retail experience and take it to the next level with personalization, automation and increased efficiency. Empower your business with AI assisted tracking, personalized recommendations, Visual Search, Robotic Ordering, Robotic assistance to provide directions and maps to products and the use cases are endless.
Build sophistication to your supply chain by deeper understanding of your consumer. Businesses are able to implement vaster and richer datasets to improve their decision-making when advertising themselves at a fraction of what it used to cost. Create new trends and build your brand faster.
Farmers can now use AI to analyze a variety of things in real time such as weather conditions, temperature, water usage or soil conditions collected from their farm to better inform their decisions. Build intelligence with data to decide the quantity and locations for growing crops.
Internet of Things
Combine IoT and AI and create a disruption within your industry. Collect and transform data into usable and valuable information from IoT-enabled devices and sensors with machine learning. This creates a collaborative and interconnected world that aligns itself around outcomes and innovation.
Data Science Process

What does Data Science mean to you?

How your business can benefit from a strong data science team.

Exploratory analysis
A statistical model can be used or not, but primarily EDA is for seeing what the data can tell us beyond the formal modeling or hypothesis testing task.
Machine Learning
Machine learning can help your business process and understand data insights faster, enabling individuals across your organization to make data-driven decisions.
Business intelligence
Data scientists are not always limited to providing insight specific to the data. They can also be asked to advise on how the business should react to the data, and their role shifts into more of a business intelligence function.

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