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Successful Cloud Strategy

Create a Competitive Edge

in the Digital Transformation world.

It’s not like jumping into the Ocean because everyone else is jumping in. A solid strategy requires depth of understanding. Not just an understanding of technology – but an understanding of the complete business picture.

Cloud computing is becoming a mainstream part of the IT world, with far-reaching impacts for many businesses. It’s crucial, therefore, that IT leaders and enterprise architects prepare an overarching cloud strategy for their organizations.

Align Technology with Business Strategy

IT leaders must develop a decision framework to systematically examine use-case scenarios for adopting cloud computing. Such a framework forms the backbone of any successful cloud strategy. It's not magic, Lift-and-Shift is not enough, bring the experts, achieve the objectives and train your internal people.

Don’t spend too much time on technology, instead, focus on ->

Time to Market

Companies that adopted cloud services experienced a 20.66% average improvement in time to market.

Better customer experience

Conduct A/B testing at geographically distributed customer segments and analyze your customer behavior at ease. Personalize their content.

Improved Collaboration

Cloud applications improve collaboration by allowing dispersed groups of people to meet virtually and easily share information in real time and via shared storage. Create multiple environments with code that suites different teams.

Operations optimization

Streamlined DevOps, Monitoring, Alerting and Patching improves your operations significantly.


18.80% average increase in process efficiency, and 15.07% reduction in IT spending.

Area of expertise

Best Cloud Services

How agile is your DevOps?
It should create a faster development and deployment of your services to your customers. Achieve operational agility and excellence through the adoption of best practices, simplification, standardization and automation. Automation in configuring and deploying infrastructure, monitoring across several domains.
Data governance and Compliance
HIPAA, FINRA, GL BA, PCI-DSS, SOX, and other frameworks present a variety of challenges to businesses in the form of compliance and data governance requirements. Plan carefully It is critical to account for how cloud adoption can be accomplished within these frameworks.
Protect your network, Application and Data
Understand the On-Prem network topology. Understand the Cloud network. Scalability must be part your design thinking. Build a Security framework with Identity access Threat management. Put the right tools for a Centralized  environment for visibility and control. Secure every layer of your stack Centralized environment for visibility and control Orchestrate organization wide patching and monitoring. Identify the integration needs with your existing applications and Directory.
Migrate into Cloud
Migrate and Modernize your application workloads. Reduce infrastructure cost. Deploy quickly with automation and regional scalability and bring your services faster to your market.

Ready to migrate?

We can help you

PeritusHub Professional Service helps you strategize, plan, develop, automate and accelerate the migration of large numbers of workloads to the Cloud. Our experienced professionals bring in wealth of know how’s and experiences. They work with your team to help achieve your cloud adaption strategy and meet your business objectives.